Mark Kuzmack

Squarespace SEO Strategist

  Brooklyn, NY
  1:13am local time


Per minute


A recognized authority in Squarespace SEO, I help businesses and professionals rank in Google with technical expertise and holistic SEO strategies that continue to pay dividends long into the future.


Experience: 5+ years
Specialties: Ecommerce, Design, Third-Party Integrations, Developer Mode & Custom Code

SEO expertise isn't just about changing settings and tags, though I do all of that. It's about looking at your website and your goals holistically and having a strategy for ranking. I clean up and optimize your site, conduct fresh keyword research, and set you up for the future with a well-defined strategy that will bring you increased traffic over time. With a deep knowledge of Squarespace-specific SEO issues, and know-how ranging from conducting proper keyword research to fixing problems with Schema markup, I have the expertise needed to improve your rankings in Google’s search results and drive organic traffic to your site. Most SEO agencies or companies work with Squarespace as an afterthought. It’s my specialty.