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Sixty is your solution for any Squarespace problem. We have a community of top designers available to work with you at a few minutes notice, or to schedule at your convenience.
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Tackle common tasks

Doing fine until you got stuck? We'll help you over the hurdle.

Plan the perfect website

Not sure where to begin? Don’t know how to finish? Our designers have a wide variety of Squarespace experience to help you at any point. Let us know your needs and we’ll tell you how long it will take.

Insert custom code

Need professional polish or help connecting a 3rd party tool like Mailchimp? Our designers are experts in Squarespace-flavored HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—so you can customize your site’s design.

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Available at your convenience to solve any problem.

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The old way

Email back-and-forth takes weeks

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Get help with other apps too

We don't just provide support for Squarespace – our experts can help you with a variety of other apps as well.

"Within two minutes I was at ease. Besides helping me get from A to B, my designer gave me a tutorial along the way. We knocked out everything on my list and more. I could not be happier."
- Steve Lamar, 4-time Grammy Nominated video producer

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