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Empty your inbox, fill your bank account. Refer leads you're not taking to Sixty via email intro or referral link.


One of the biggest opportunity losses for freelancers and agency owners is not monetizing your extra leads. You work your tail off to build your leads pipeline, then you get a big retainer, go on vacation, or get a full time job. The leads pile up in your inbox.

The average client has to email 10 freelancers to get 5 responses. No wonder they scattershot the same inquiry all over the internet.

With Sixty's new referral program you can generate passive income and reduce the amount of scattershot inquiries other freelancers and agency owners have to deal with. All by simply referring your leads.

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Here’s how much passive income you can generate by referring leads to Sixty:


Case Study: 320NY

Ward Sandler and his team at 320NY have a web agency. They also created a successful software service called Memberspace. Memberspace has been so successful that they scaled down their agency work to focus on it more.

Now they have more inquiries than they can serve. They introduce their extra leads to Sixty and we send them passive income each week.

"We've trusted Sixty with our leads for over a year and have made thousands of dollars in passive income. When we send leads to Sixty we know they're in good hands."
Ward Sandler – Founder, Memberspace & 320NY

How It Works

  1. Simply intro the lead to Sixty by CC'ing [email protected]. You can view a suggested email template here.
  2. We personally respond, referring them to specialized and available freelancers and agencies.
  3. We collect a ~10% commission from the freelancer or agency and split it with you 70/30. So for every $100 we make, you get $30.

Once you’ve sent a few leads to us, you can track their status, see which have been the most lucrative, and get tips on improving conversion rate on your personal referrals dashboard.

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Just start introing your leads to us by CC'ing [email protected]. You’ll receive confirmation that we’ve received the lead, including a link to claim your payouts when you’re ready.