Referral Program

Generate passive income by letting Sixty refer your unqualified leads to specialized freelancers and agencies who want them.


Every freelance career starts the same way: finding leads.

You go through a cycle of feast and famine. Some months you get so many leads that you can’t even respond to them all! Others months you get so few you’re worried about paying rent.

If you’re fortunate enough to transcend this cycle, your problem becomes qualifying out the leads you don’t want and finding more of the ones you do.

But what do you do with your unqualified leads? If you’re like most people, you let them sit in your inbox and go stale.

What if you could send them somewhere, make passive income, and help other freelancers and agencies at the same time?


Here's how much passive income you can generate by letting Sixty refer your unqualified leads:


How It Works

  1. Simply intro the lead to Sixty by CC'ing [email protected]. You can view a suggested email template here.
  2. We personally respond, referring them to specialized and available freelancers and agencies.
  3. We collect a ~10% commission from the freelancer or agency and split it with you 50/50.

Once you’ve sent a few leads to us, you can track their status, see which have been the most lucrative, and get tips on improving conversion rate on your personal referrals dashboard.

Get Started

You don’t need to sign up to get started!

Just start introing your leads to us by CC'ing [email protected]. You’ll receive confirmation that we’ve received the lead, including a link to claim your payouts when you’re ready.