Stop losing customers because they can’t figure out your product!

Increase activation by adding a fully managed experts marketplace to your website. Let your users schedule time with experts to get work done fast via screenshare.
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How it works

You get all the perks of an expert marketplace without any of the burden. We find, vet, and manage the experts, as well as connect them with your users and facilitate payment with our real-time software.

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World class freelancers

We do the work on your behalf and find experts for you. Optionally you can provide us with vetting criteria to work off of.

We take a top-down approach to sourcing experts, looking first to tutorial creators, top forum contributors, etc. That way we can guarantee your users the fastest service across the widest breadth of issues possible.

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Give your users immediate access to the top experts in the business

We facilitate work through video screenshare by default. After thousands of hours of work across dozens of web apps, we've seen productivity increased by 3-5x from users working in real time with experts. While this enables your users save money, it also creates an unprecedented opportunity for experts serving your platform to profitably work for as few as five minutes.

Multiple Service Types

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Many users want things solved right now–and they'll pay for it. We're able to achieve average wait times of under five minutes using our global network and algorithm.
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Each expert has their schedule synced live into our system so users can book at their convenience with no back-and-forth.
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Some tasks are just bigger and users don't want or need to be around for the execution. For these, we've baked an Offline Tasks payment platform into our service.

Your Choice Of Integration

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Unofficial Landing Page

For some companies, starting off with a test run makes the most sense. This way, you can reap the benefits of Sixty's managed platform with no risk to your brand.
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Branded Subdomain

If you're a startup, you may want to move faster. We enable you to extend your platform by using your Sixty page as a subdomain to route users to.

Shared data and insights

We consider ourselves as much a part of your team as if we were an official division under your roof. We have a responsibility to deliver the highest quality of service to your users, which is why we're committed to sharing every piece of data that flows through relating to each individual user's experience.

100% Data Transparency

  • Experts – Know who exactly is serving your users.
  • Reviews – See the good, the bad, and everything inbetween.
  • Costs – Know exactly what your users are paying.
  • Tasks – Know every task they got done.

Delivered At Your Convenience

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Real-Time Data

See what's happening alongside us through our Partner Portal.
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Periodic Digests

Emailed activity according to your preferences.

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