Implement some Custom CSS on Squarespace

Custom Code

Need to make some customizations to the look & feel of your site but think you need code? Can't find what you're looking for in the Style Editor?

With the right lines of CSS, you can edit fonts, colors, layouts, shadows, and way more. While Squarespace doesn't offer support or guidelines for adding CSS, there is almost no downside to adding it (everything is 100% reversible) and you can achieve a more customized look for your site than just the Style Editor alone.

To get started
  • Click the orange button
  • Create an account
  • Pick a time for a screen-share session
  • Do it together with your designer

What is Sixty?

Sixty is a marketplace where you can hire freelancers to help you with Squarespace and more. We make it easy to find the right person to help you accomplish your goals, book time with them, and do the work together over screenshare.

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