Sixty’s Experts’ Guide to Offline Hours

Alex Tapper
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Short version

  • Live Sessions empower DIY, Offline Hours can supplement this
  • Offline Hours can only be purchased as an “add-on” to Live Sessions (Hybrid Model)
  • You should make a recommendation for client next steps at the end of Live Sessions
  • Rule of thumb: allow at least 1 day per Offline Hour between Live Sessions
  • FAQs (listed at the bottom)

Longer version

Let’s start with a quick reminder of our mission: Sixty exists to Empower DIY. That means our objective is to help other people get to a place where they can control of the tools that help them run their business.

Control starts with launching & managing their Squarespace site. But empowerment looks different for each client. Some people want to know all the ins & outs. Others just want your skill-set in combination with their vision to build a site that sells their products. The Sixty “do-it-together” model helps everyone along the spectrum.

To take a step back, let’s break down why we do Live Sessions (what I fondly call Sixty Original™) for a moment:

  • Keeping work out of the email inbox. We know clients have questions. We know they email you. I, for one, prefer just chatting through questions in a session rather than typing long-winded answers in an email.
  • Scheduling makes it on your time. With your calendar synced and showing your accurate availability, clients can have you as soon as you’re next available.
  • Getting on the same page. When you work together, you can work efficiently. Emails, screenshots, and phone calls don’t have the same level of detail required to quickly understand and implement changes.
  • Building rapport. Time on the screen-share builds trust and a lasting working relationship.

Okay, so how do Offline Hours contribute to our mission? Really, there are three reasons main reasons why clients would want to schedule Offline Hours:

  1. They aren’t interested in watching the tedious aspects of web design (content migration, styling, mobile testing, etc).
  2. They don’t have enough time to sit in for the whole build.
  3. The want the website built faster, and perhaps also fall in #1 or #2.

Offline Hours can supplement Live Sessions, providing clients a way to extend their reach. If you collaborate on plans during a Live Session, then the client can trust that the project will be done correctly the first time Offline.

How to use Offline Hours effectively

Offline Hours exist to give you budgeted time to work on the site between Live Sessions. Therefore, Offline Hours can only be purchased as an “add-on” to Live Sessions. This arrangement is called a Hybrid Model. In Hybrids, the Live Sessions are used to review Offline Work and plan for future Offline Hours.

If you think that a Sixty client would prefer a Hybrid Model, you should make that recommendation at the end of the first Live Session, along with a rough estimate of the number of hours it will take (both Live and Offline) AND the best next step for them.

Good rule of thumb: You should recommend at least 1 day per Offline Hour between Live Sessions.

So if it’s Tuesday and the client wants to book a session with 1 Live hour + 3 Offline Hours, you should recommend that they book the live portion no earlier than Friday.

Example of a good recommendation to a client to help manage expectations:

“I estimate that migrating the content to your blog & updating the style will take 3 hours of Offline time. Why don’t you book a 30 min Live Session for Friday, or sometime next week, and add 3 Offline Hours. That will give me enough time to make the changes & be prepared to review them with you during the Live Session.”

That helps to manage the client’s expectations for a successful project.


What should I do when I finish the Offline Hours?

It’s best to let your client know that the work is done. You can do this via email before your next Live Session.

What if the client wants more Offline Hours before the next Live Session?

Right now, this has to be done manually, as an admin. If you have the information & direction from the client that you need you need to do the Offline Hours, please email me (Alex) the authorization from the client and I’ll add them.

What if we finish the Live Session early?

That’s cool! Just note approximately how much time is left and add that to their Offline Hour balance.

What if I finish the Offline work before using all of their time?

If it’s less than 15 minutes, that’s pretty good. Don’t worry about it. If you have 30+ minutes or a full hour remaining, you should let your client know in the Live Session so that you can apply it to their next batch of Offline Hours.

How many Offline Hours can we do between Live Sessions?

As of writing this, the system is set up for a maximum of 4 Offline Hours as an “add-on” for Live Sessions. We’ve found that any more and you’ll end up back in Email-Land.

For how long can clients “redeem” Offline Hours?

There shouldn’t really be an abundant excess of Offline Hours. I acknowledge that even 1–2 hours in “credit” might cause anxiety, but they aren’t redeemable immediately or anything like that. Since you’re giving a recommendation on what they should book, you should be pretty close with your estimate — and that will only get better with more sessions too!

Alex Tapper

Alex Tapper is a cofounder of Sixty. He attempts one handstand per day.

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