Introducing Showcase: a master portfolio of the best Squarespace website examples

David Head
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The team Sixty just launched a new product for those seeking Squarespace website examples for their projects. It’s called Showcase, and it’s open for any Squarespace designer to submit their projects!

When I was freelancing and running my agency, it was hard finding inspiration in the $1–10k budget range. I would find a few sites on Google if I was lucky. Everything on Dribbble and Awwwards would cost clients $50k+.

Showcase is a SEO lead-gen engine for designers

Like Dribbble and Awwwards, the Showcase is a lead-gen engine too. It has 150+ longtail landing pages to capture Google traffic. For example, roughly 320 people per month search the term “Squarespace blog examples”, so one of the landing pages is dedicated strictly to that.

Even though the Showcase is marketed to designers and DIYers, a large % of DIYers give up and hire a professional. Guess who they’ll reach out to when they’re trying to build a site like yours? 😉

To drive traffic to you, we include a big fat CTA on your project page with a direct link to your website,

Click here to browse the Showcase!

To add your sites to the Showcase, sign up for Leads!

Finally, if you want to learn about how SEO works, check out the Clickminded blog. Tommy’s one of the best in the business.

David Head

David Head is a cofounder of Sixty. He started his career as an ecommerce business owner. After experiencing the difficulties of building a quality website, he started freelance web designing, which turned into founding a web agency. Sixty is a product of being in the client, freelancer, and agency's shoes. Sixty's purpose is to make freelance careers more stable and prosperous and client projects more efficient and successful.

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