Hacking Your Gmail Inbox Like The Boss You Are

Brendan Kennedy
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Email has to be one of the most annoying pieces of a business. Let’s face it –your email inbox gets flooded, and your work-day officially starts at 10:00 AM because it takes you 2 hours to respond to those emails. Just when you think you can get your inbox to 0 you get another email or 10 or 100.

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to hack the system because I honestly can’t stand it. As a creative, I need to cut out all distractions to do my best work. Nothing makes me cringe more than that email notification (thank God they got rid of the “You’ve Got Mail”) that comes through right when I’m in the middle of work. Anyways, here are some great apps and hacks that I use for my email.

1 ) Sortd — Turn Your Email Into A Kanban Board of Awesomeness

I just added Sortd to my Gmail workflow this week, and honestly, I can’t believe I did not do this sooner. The email inbox platform is very challenging to keep track of even if you’re an organization wizard. What’s great about Sortd is it transforms your email inbox into a beautiful kanban board. You can toggle between your regular Gmail account, and turn your emails into actionable tasks. You can create deal flows to keep track of sales or just use it to manage tasks. A+ product and I’m excited to keep using it.

2 ) KeyRocket For Gmail — Archive BS Faster

This is probably my favorite extension. As a developer key commands are everything. KeyRocket gives you the ability to use keyboard shortcuts directly in Gmail. Navigate your inbox faster and archive the bs with the click of a button.

3) Any email opener service — Sidekick, Streak, etc.

This one is pretty straightforward. Start tracking when people open your emails, so you can strategically follow-up and understand where your customer is coming from. It’s helpful to know that your customer has opened your email 200 times. This means they’re either pissed off or excited.

These are just some small helpful tips, but I promise they make a huge difference.

Brendan Kennedy

Brendan Kennedy has been a Squarespace designer since 2016. He's worked with over 350+ clients from all around the world.

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