Expert Update: Next Session Proposals, Payouts View & more

David Head
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Experts, we’re excited to announce two new features from Sixty for you:

  1. Next Session Proposals to simplify client management and speed up client booking on long-term projects.
  2. Payouts View so you can see how much money you’ve made in total as well as from each session.

Next Session Proposals

Why we built Session Proposals

Typically if a project will take longer than one session to accomplish, experts will tell their client to book another session, which may include offline time in-between where other work will be done. Most of the time, this is verbal.

Hopefully the client books the session immediately after you get off screen-share, but sometimes they have other things to do and forget.

With the new Session Proposals, you can essentially create a mini scope of work that also will clarify the work being done, what they need to do, and pre-fill the next session info for them within the Sixty UI. This makes booking more reliable and easier, which speeds up the overall time it takes to get the project complete — making you and the client both happier!

How to use the Session Proposal feature

Typically, there’s some point in the session where you start talking about offline work/the next session with your client. At this point, we recommend adopting the following workflow:

  1. Tell your clients “I’m going to put these details in a Session Proposal to organize details for both of us”
  2. Open up a new Session Proposal by clicking “Session Proposal” link in the Session Portal
  3. Write down the details in the provided fields (potentially with screen-share enabled so your client can watch you and confirm it’s accurate)
  4. Tell your client “After this session is over, you’ll be asked for feedback. Once you submit that, you’ll be directed to your dashboard, where you’ll see a blinking notification. All of this info will show up there, along with a button to book your next session. You’ll also get an email with the same info in it as well.”
Session Proposal email that your client will receive upon submission. Notice they can reply to your email straight from here.
Side note: we’ve setup the Session Proposal emails to be from you! Often times if clients are doing recurring sessions, we’re in the middle of communication, which creates unnecessary friction. If a client wants to ask a question to you about the next session, it’s as simple as replying to the automated proposal email.

Do what you can to encourage your client to book the next session immediately after leaving the screen-share. We’ve found that if they switch to their next task outside of Sixty that next session bookings get delayed by hours, or days, or maybe are forgotten for even weeks.

The best way to mitigate this is by ensuring the proposal is submitted before they finish leaving feedback for you (presuming they do this.)


This feature is pretty straightforward – simply hover over the dropdown menu and you’ll see a new option that says “Payouts,” which will take you to the Payouts view.

Payouts view within Sixty


We survive and thrive on your feedback. If you have any ideas for how to make this feature better, have ideas for other features you want to have, or want to give any other general feedback, please either send me an email or leave a comment below!

Want to become an expert?

We’re constantly adding new supported apps along with more experts for our existing apps. If you specialize in a piece of software and can help users succeed on it, we’d love for you to apply so we can get to know you!

David Head

David Head is a cofounder of Sixty. He started his career as an ecommerce business owner. After experiencing the difficulties of building a quality website, he started freelance web designing, which turned into founding a web agency. Sixty is a product of being in the client, freelancer, and agency's shoes. Sixty's purpose is to make freelance careers more stable and prosperous and client projects more efficient and successful.

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