Client Update: Invoice & Past Session History + Credit Card Management

David Head
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Clients, we have a group of long overdue updates for you. These will help give you more insights into the past work you’ve done on Sixty, along with greater flexibility for the future.

📃 Invoice History

Instantly have access to your history of your session prices for both live and offline time, along with which credit card you used. If you happened to use credits, that will be listed as well.

💳 Credit Card Management

Store one or more credit cards on your Sixty account and give each a custom name like “Company” or “Personal”.

📜 Past Session History

Sometimes it’s tough to remember who you worked with or what you worked on. Long awaited, now you can view a comprehensive list of every session you’ve done as a client. You can also click into the session details to review and edit any past notes you’ve had with your expert.

​What can we do to make Sixty better for you? We’d love for you to let us know by replying to this email!

David Head

David Head is a cofounder of Sixty. He started his career as an ecommerce business owner. After experiencing the difficulties of building a quality website, he started freelance web designing, which turned into founding a web agency. Sixty is a product of being in the client, freelancer, and agency's shoes. Sixty's purpose is to make freelance careers more stable and prosperous and client projects more efficient and successful.

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