Expert Update: Client Arrived Notifications, Past Session History, & In-line Profile Editing

Alex Tapper
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Experts, we’ve decided to start posting updates in the blog. We’ll be updating you a few times per month with all of the great features we’re building for you and how you can use them to make more money and have a better time working with clients and Sixty.

Now without further ado, here are the most recent features we’ve built for you all!

🙋 Client Arrived Notifications

Time is precious and it’s universal that everyone hates it being wasted. With the new Client Arrived Notification feature, you’ll get a notification in Slack when your client has joined the session. This way, you can minimize the time they’re staring at themselves on their computer. They’ll be happier, leave you better reviews, and book more sessions!

Spoiler alert: Soon you’ll be able to see track your Average Client Wait Time stat in your profile relative to the overall expert average, along with a handful of other awesome metrics 😁

📜 Past Session History

Long awaited, now you can view a comprehensive list of every session you’ve done as an expert and a client. You can also click into the session details to review and edit any past notes for your clients or other experts you’re working with.

🖋 Complete In-line Profile Editing

Previously, if you wanted to update your basic profile data or your ‘About’ section, you had to click into ‘Settings’ and do a whole variety of steps. Now it’s much easier — everything in your profile can be edited by clicking on the little pencil icon in the upper righthand corner!

💰 Money & Success Tips

If you’re currently a Sixty expert, I’m sure know Brendan Kennedy. He was one of the first Sixty experts and recently crossed the 500-hour mark. In short, he’s a beast and has a ton of tips for making a lot of money on Sixty. I’m going to highlight two posts here:

How to Make $1k/week Using Sixty (this is part-time, btw)
Doesn’t need much explanation. $1k/week part-time isn’t bad.

4 Steps to Maximizing Your Online Consulting Business
This one I’m highlighting because he talks about how he optimizes client maintenance. Many freelancers and agencies make most of their money on one big project upfront, then a few months later the client will come back needing an hour or so of work. Too often, professionals just do it for free since creating a proposal and running the billing is such a hassle. Brendan just sends them to his Sixty link (and he gets $25 for the Sixty referral.)

😎 Want to become an expert?

We regularly add new experts to Sixty as demand increases. If you have skills on a web app – from Photoshop to Tableau – we encourage you to send in an application.

Until next time,
🚀 Team Sixty

Alex Tapper

Alex Tapper is a cofounder of Sixty. He attempts one handstand per day.

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