A Very Quick and Easy Lead Gen Automation Hack

Brendan Kennedy
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As the holidays are fast approaching I always get excited. It is a great time to hang out with family, and it is a perfect time to plan and execute for the new year.

My goal for 2018 is to automate certain processes, and focus my time on driving more sales and revenue to my business. This past month I discovered this small hack that helps generate leads and makes building affiliate marketing outlets extremely fast and easy.

The goal is to use a new app called PeopleMap to generate a list of email addresses from targeted Instagram accounts. Then we will use Zapier and Google Sheets to send “authentic” emails from your business Gmail account. Be careful though Gmail only lets you send 500 emails/day.

Step 1—Analyze an Account in PeopleMap

PeopleMap is an incredible tool that will send a list of emails from Instagram accounts straight to your inbox. Just select an account that you think your customers will interact with and prepare to get some emails!

Step 2—Upload Emails Into Google Sheets & Prepare for Zapier

This is the most important step and also pretty exciting. What will happen with Zapier is every time you add a new body message into the C column it will trigger an email to that specific row in the Email A Column. Feel free to draft up your message beforehand, and just drag it down the entire column to send out 20–50 authentic emails all at once! :)

Step 3—Set Up Your Zap

Alright this is probably the most complicated step, but if you have used Zapier before then you should be able to get this no problem.

First you’ll want to set up a trigger for every time the Body Column C is updated in Google Sheets.

Make sure your account is properly connected and then move onto your action Zap.

Step 4—Start Sending Emails with Google Sheets

After your Zap is all set up, you are now ready to start sending a lot of emails all at once. What’s even better is that with Zapier you can set auto-followups to those who don’t reply to you.

This is a great hack to use for lead generation, sending out mass emails, user testing, and a whole bunch of other things. I plan on using it for the holiday season, and will be emailing people for a few of my clients and other businesses. Happy Holidays!

Brendan Kennedy runs a small Nashville-based marketing agency called SoBro Creative and does Sixty consulting full-time. He has worked with some of Nashville’s top brands, Forbes featured entrepreneurs, and has had his designs featured in major retail outlets. He also has a slight coffee obsession.

He’s done hundreds of hours of consulting sessions and has worked with over 300+ clients in all different types of industries.

If you are struggling at all, please feel free to book time with me as your Zapier expert here and I’ll help you get this set up right away!

Brendan Kennedy

Brendan Kennedy has been a Squarespace designer since 2016. He's worked with over 350+ clients from all around the world.

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