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Create retargeting advertisements for my ecommerce website
Facebook Advertising logo
Social Media Marketing
Approximate time
1-2 hours
Integrate my Squarespace website with Xero
Xero logo
Approximate time
30-90 minutes
Setup Shipstation for my Squarespace site
Shipstation logo
Approximate time
1-2 hours
Integrate my CRM to my website
Zapier logo
3rd Party Integration
Approximate time
1-3 hours
Setup Google Advertising for my website
Google AdWords logo
Search Engine Marketing
Approximate time
1-2 hours
Create a custom email template for my newsletter
Mailchimp logo
Email Marketing
Approximate time
1-2 hours
Set up Google Analytics for my website
Google Analytics logo
Website Analytics
Approximate time
15-60 minutes
"Within two minutes I was at ease. Besides just helping me get from A to B to finish my website, my expert gave me a tutorial along the way. We knocked out everything on my list and more. I could not be happier."
- Steve Lamar, 4-time Grammy Nominated video producer

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